Why Companies Replace Wooden Pallets with Plastic Pallets?

If you are running a shipping business and frequently deals in exporting, you need to bring some quality pallets for stocking the goods. A huge variety of pallets are used in the shipping industry, where wood and plastic are leading types of pallets. Every owner needs export pallets with 100% reliability. In earlier times, wood pallets were very common pallets used by manufacturers for packing the products for shipment purposes. No doubt these wooden pallets come in huge sizes and varieties, but nowadays plastic pallets have been replaced by wooden pallets to a very extent. The majority of the shipping owners prefer to use plastic pallets due to several reasons.

The wooden pallets come in good quality, but the manufacturers have improved the quality of plastic pallets and this is the obvious reason for using these pallets. However, plastic packing seems to be more reliable when compared to wooden packing. Is it a reason? Today, companies have started relying on plastic pallets because they offer many benefits to exporters. For more details, we’ll take a look at some of the key points that will help us to know about the usage of plastic pallets.

Plastic Pallets are Lasting

Plastic pallets are lasting and have more life when compared to wooden pallets. They don’t break up easily unless smashed. They can carry heavyweight up to 5000 kg with ease and that’s a great feature of using plastic pallets. This makes plastic pallets lasting and durable.

Easy to Handle

If we talk about handling the plastic pallets when compared to wooden, we come to know that plastic pallets are easier to handle. No matter if you want quick loading and unloading of goods, plastic pallets will deliver you quick results with easy handling. Even a newly hired operator can also handle it.

Easy to Clean

If we look at plastic pallets from a cleaning point of view, then we come to know that plastic pallets are easy to clean. We often see that plastic pallets get dirty soon, so their cleaning isn’t a difficult task. One can easily remove stains and dirt from the plastic export pallets.

Easy to Customize

If you want to pack some special products, then you can easily pack them in plastic pallets as these pallets are easy to customize. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it is easy to adjust all types of products in these pallets.